Coding 2020-06-04

By Max Woerner Chase

I feel like I've tried super hard to work with wemake-python-styleguide, even going so far as to have indirectly contributed one (1) line of code. But it's just the same kind of thing over and over: confident general statement that overreaches or is just wrong, followed by an eventual course correction, maybe. I'm kind of anticipating more of those, but I'm not certain.

Anyway, that's sort of why I decided the most obvious improvement I could make to my dice roller code was to stop using "the strictest linter" on it. I then rewrote a bunch of lines, and it's possible I overcorrected, but I'm going to have to wait and use my judgment to make that decision later.

With all that taken care of, I started writing down what I want out of some of my desired features, such as emulating cards instead of dice. This helped because, before I articulated my wants, I was thinking about this stuff in a manner that was too informal to really pin down anything related to tradeoffs or alternatives. Now that I've spent a short amount of time reasoning through things, I know what the first thing I want to try is. Which I will be trying, not today, because I'm tired.

I also put together kind of a complicated specification for how I think character sheets should work. If I manage any sort of implementation of character sheets, it'll be a pretty big expansion in possible functionality, so that's definitely exciting.

Not exciting enough to keep me up much longer, though.

Good night.