Coding 2020-05-20

By Max Woerner Chase

Did some more reading on phonology today, and I can see now that the stuff I'm reading will have me in for the long haul. Just casually dropping the fact that some of the stuff it shows off in figure 11 will be elaborated on in figure 123.

Anyway, I got back to working on the Ink port. It was nice to come back to it after the break. Although, I'm currently in the guts of the serialization code. It's giving me wistful flashbacks to the serialization code in Dennis, which was much easier to write, and worked with, I think, more complicated data. (This is because, rather than using the standard library to work at a level just slightly higher than the C# version, I was using the camel library, which is, regrettably for me in this exact context, not a drop-in replacement for stdlib json, and I don't know if C# has an equivalent.)

I'm probably going to be in slow-and-steady mode a bit on everything, since I'm like a sixth of the way through the article I'm looking at now, and the serialization code is... kind of a slog, if I'm being honest.

Good night.