Coding 2020-05-02

By Max Woerner Chase

I started on what's apparently the third (maybe fourth?) iteration on porting SCA². Fortunately, I'm understanding it better each time, so I think there's a chance this time will get it into a state I want to use.

There's not much to say specifically about it, since it's just been a matter of filling in stub implementations with the stuff I wrote up yesterday. It's not all done, and some of the things I haven't gotten to are definitely fiddly, but I don't foresee any issues with this course of action.

Okay, I should wrap up for tonight. Sorry I didn't have much to say, but it's just like, it looks like my plan was solid. Not really a lot to write about; maybe some of the bits I currently have stubbed out will be more, um, fruitful.

Good night.