Coding 2020-04-15

By Max Woerner Chase

I tossed together an unrelated coding project yesterday. I'll see if that goes anywhere.

Anyway, on the Ink port front, I got one more test ported today, and then the next one was kind of a doozy. This is the first test that involves triggering a function evaluation from outside the VM context, and since I've only implemented functions and complicated code paths as I've needed, support for that functionality right now is patchy at best. (Also, I just noticed that I've somehow been drastically undercounting the tests that target the Ink VM. I thought I was almost done, and it's more like not-quite 2/3 of the way through, apparently. That number makes sense, but I'm not sure how I messed up.)

Here's what I'm thinking: the interface I expose has a return value of (the state, the function result, the text). Possibly the result and the text will be bound up in a namedtuple. There's probably more to this, but I think the best way to move forward there is to just try a bunch of stuff.

In other, non-coding news, I've been following the development of Gone to Hell, and I'm kind of tempted to try to make an unofficial Slayer character outside the core focus: THE CHOSEN ONE, a JRPG-inspired hero's-journeyer who can solve problems through such means as throwing an absurd amount of money at overcoming them, and has a light action to mindlessly grind for resources. I'll try to do something with that idea when I'm better-rested than I was today.

Hopefully I'm not messing that up too much right this instant.

Good night.