Coding 2020-04-03

By Max Woerner Chase

The Ink port is now a little better about how it does errors, although one thing that I'm not sure if I want to deal with is the fact that the error logic in the equivalent of "continue" will "automatically" do rollback before attaching errors. (Really, it's that it does not have access to the state at the time of the error, and giving it access would be kind of a pain.)

Anyway, I got a few more tests ported. The relationship between the number of passing tests and the number of tests ported over is getting increasingly tenuous (tonight, one test became three tests, one of which xfails because I'm not testing the compiler, one test became two tests to highlight a semantic flexibility introduced in the port), so I'll just say that I've gotten up through calculating factorial by reference.

I've still got about a dozen NotImplementedErrors kicking around, and probably a few more bits where I skipped over the code like a dope, and also some of those NotImplementedErrors are doing a lot of work, but I'm making progress on this, for sure, and it feels good.

Good night.