Coding 2020-03-08

By Max Woerner Chase

Not a terribly focused day. I did some writing along with some coding, and unfortunately I'm very sleepy so it's hard to talk about it. I made some improvements to my auto-roller code; mostly some way-too-complicated stuff that means I can get rid of some boilerplate, and also this code could transparently support using a library like greenlet for true coroutines. I think. The code that allows this to happen is in the intersection of "typechecks", "appears to work", and "gives me the willies". Just now I got a bit more of the old Mythic code ported. My plan there is to figure out porting the interactive frontend, and then adapt that to other systems.

I realized that I should wrap things up, though, when I tried to copy a sentence over, and I typed it so it came out lpjiing lhsu tsgis. I'm not getting any less sleepy, so I really should go to bed, especially since I'm going to lose an hour.

Good night.