Coding 2020-03-06

By Max Woerner Chase

One thing that I've wanted with conlanging is something that makes it easy to interact with the language, to slice it in different ways, to trace the histories of words. That is a lot of effort, such a thing would probably take months, minimum, but all the more reason to get started.

I'm trying out a web interface for this, using a project I heard of recently called JustPy. JustPy sounds interesting to me because I am bad at JavaScript, and good at Python. I've gotten through the first page or so of the tutorial, I think, and that's not enough to make a call one way or the other. One thing that I'm really not sure what I think about is the idea of using Tailwind. It might be relevant to note that the source code for this blog's CSS looks like this. And that I enjoyed writing it.

Anyway, that's enough talking for tonight. So sleepy.

Good night.