Checking In 2018-08-12

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Yesterday, I was working on Python code with an eye towards modeling a Mutants & Masterminds character sheet. I had the idea that perhaps I could convert it into syntax tests. In the end, I instead got a somewhat improved understanding of how it all fits together, and I was able to get the crunch on the sheet filled out.

So, if we define what I was trying to do as "Write Python code to make it easier for me to create a Mutants & Masterminds character", then I technically succeeded, even though the code is not, as such, syntactically valid, currently.

Anyway, my plan is to get the snippets to use for testing from the Python documentation. That's a lot more stable, and it covers more edges than I hit normally, like different integer representations and complex numbers.

I think basically I want to be converting each sub-heading within some parts of the Python Language Reference into a writeup of what tests, if any, should be derived from that section, and a plan for doing so. Stick the writeups in a folder in the package, which should really go up on GitHub once I think of a better naming convention than just sticking "Edge" after the names of the syntax files I grabbed and tinkered with.

(I was slightly more worried about the ramifications of doing that in the first place, before I checked the repo, and realized that these syntax bundles appear to be licensed under what I think could best be described as "The MIT license in a hurry")