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  1. Algebraic Data Types 2019-11-02

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Looking at some of my runtime semantics like "How on Earth can I express this in the type system?"

  2. Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-31

    By Max Woerner Chase

    I've been designing this for so long that I don't know how anyone else would react to it...

  3. Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-30

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Pylint is giving me over 50 warnings and a score above 9. This code base might be big.

  4. Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-23

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Hopefully, I won't come up with yet another must-have feature with spiraling requirements.

  5. Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-21

    By Max Woerner Chase

    Not sure if how little I needed to rewrite my tests was a good sign, or a bad sign.

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