Algebraic Data Types 2019-11-08

By Max Woerner Chase

I spent a lot of time today improving the strictness on the type annotations. I'm currently looking into something that I looked for a command-line option for and didn't see, but maybe I just missed it, which is to note when things could take type variables, but dont. I took care of some of that, but it feels like slower going that some of the other improvements I've made.

Anyway, I think I should take yet another break from working on Structured Data, because I am yet again mired down in its guts. When I get back into it, I should work on the plugin, because I don't think I can advance the state of the codebase much more without making it actually analyze the types.

I forgot to mention, but I was somewhat sick today, just enough that wandering down into the guts of this codebase was probably all I was good for today anyway.

Good night.