Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-31

By Max Woerner Chase

I managed to do a good enough minimization of the pylint bug I alluded to yesterday, so now my concern is adding functionality, because I can't even tell where I should put disables to make the bug go away for now.

Let's see about adding some methods...

Okay, I'm making minor improvements, which are requiring improved Mypy annotations. I think I might need to get back into adding more type annotations, because I think I've gotten much of the codebase to make a lot more sense with them.

For now, though, I'll have to mostly take it easy, because I've been having kind of a rough week. Hopefully I won't end up filing any more bugs against tools. Working on Structured Data has had me filing bugs against three different tools, so far. Maybe more, if I forgot any.

Anyway, I can't be awake much longer. Good night.