Algebraic Data Types 2019-10-02

By Max Woerner Chase

Quick entry because I let myself get distracted and I have to move fast to get enough sleep after this.

I'm working on adapting immutable red-black tree code from Haskell to Python with Structured Data. The conversion is pretty straightforward, though the Python is somewhat wordier because the means of function definition is basically embedded as a DSL. It doesn't bother me yet, but I don't know what other people would think. I think if I can get all of the features done for this, I'd like to look into using it as a basis for starting to get the Mypy plugin working, because that's the basic barrier I have to using this in more projects, the fact that code using Structured Data in no way typechecks. (And Structured Data itself has... problems... with recent versions of Mypy, last I checked.)

Anyway, I'm done now because I have to be.

Good night.